District Unit Office High School Middle School Grade School


Mr. Mike Williams,

Mr. Scott Adreon, Principal,
Maroa-Forsyth High School

Mr. Brice Stewart, Principal,
Maroa-Forsyth Middle School

Mr. Kristopher Kahler, Principal,
Maroa-Forsyth Grade School

Mr. Dana Dale, Director of Transportation

Mr. Josh Jostes, Athletic Director

Board of Education

Rob Jacobsen, Vice President
Kristin Sowa, Secretary
Jill Applebee
Rhonda Braden
Russ Corey

Cyndi Harris
James Keith

Maroa-Forsyth Grade School

641 Shafer Street
Forsyth, IL 62535
Phone (217) 877-2023
Fax (217) 877-6216

The E-Mail column lists the persons username. The entire email address is not listed in an effort to deter SPAM. Simply add the @ symbol and the schools mail domain, mfschools.net, to the username to attain the address. Example username@mfschools.net

Name Position E-Mail username
Kristopher Kahler Principal kristopher.kahler
Marsha Stelzriede Secretary marsha.stelzriede
Donna Beckman Secretary donna.beckman
Laura Mandernach Pre Kindergarten laura.mandernach
Krystle Godfrey Kindergarten krystle.godfrey
Cynthia Holmes Kindergarten cynthia.holmes
Julie Keith Kindergarten julie.keith
Brittany Peters Kindergarten brittany.peters
Debbie Bland Grade 1 debra.bland
Kristen Larner Grade 1 kristen.larner
Wendy Jalley Grade 1 wendy.jalley
Amy Scott Grade 1 amy.scott
Kathy Hans Grade 2 kathy.hans
Karen Holthaus Grade 2 karen.holthaus
Cindy Peters Grade 2 cindy.peters
Ginger Reynolds Grade 2 ginger.reynolds
Nikki Eagler Grade 3 nikki.eagler
Jessica Dickerson Grade 3 jessica.dickerson
Melissa Leathers Grade 3 melissa.leathers
Teri O'Riley Grade 3 teri.o'riley
Lindzi Craft Grade 4 lyndzi.craft
Lori Ekena Grade 4 lori.ekena
Janie Sill Grade 4 janie.sill
Carolyn Thompson Grade 4 carolyn.thompson
Jamie McCool Grade 5 jamie.mccool
Meg Hickey Grade 5 meg.hickey
Marsha Cuttill-Price Grade 5 marsha.price
Shelly Upperman Grade 5 shelly.upperman
Edd Powers Music edd.powers
Sean Martin Physical Education sean.martin
Aimee Smith Physical Education aimee.smith
Stacy Poland K-8 Social Worker stacy.poland
Megan Callahan K-5 Computers megan.callahan
Audra Heckwine Special Education audra.heckwine
Amy Clawson Special Education amy.clawson
Rachel Aupperle Speech rachel.aupperle