District Unit Office High School Middle School Grade School


Mr. Mike Williams,

Mr. Brice Stewart, Principal,
Maroa-Forsyth High School

Mr. Brice Stewart, Principal,
Maroa-Forsyth Middle School

Mr. Kristopher Kahler, Principal,
Maroa-Forsyth Grade School

Mrs. Jody Luttrell, Director of Transportation

Mr. Phil Applebee, Athletic Director

Board of Education
Russ Corey, President
James Keith, Vice President
Chad Ruwe, Secretary
Rhonda Braden
Kristi Harjung
John Snyder
Lindsey Wise

Maroa-Forsyth Middle School

101 Cedar Street
Maroa, IL 61756
Phone (217) 794-5115
Fax (217) 794-3878

The E-Mail column lists the persons username. The entire email address is not listed in an effort to deter SPAM. Simply add the @ symbol and the schools mail domain, mfschools.net, to the username to attain the address. Example username@mfschools.net

Name Position E-Mail username
Brice Stewart Principal brice.stewart
Becky Younker Secretary becky.younker
Marsha Price MS Reading marsha.price
Angie Woodhall MS Reading angie.woodhall
Rosanne Corey MS English rosanne.corey
Heidi Adreon MS English heidi.adreaon
Lyndzi Craft MS Math lyndzi.craft
Jennifer Williams MS Math jennifer.williams
Meg Hickey MS Science meg.hickey
Chip Wallen MS Science chip.wallen
Rhonda Peebles MS Social Studies rhonda.peebles
Jim Peck MS Social Studies jim.peck
Jon Kidd MS Computers jon.kidd
Brenda Livingood Physical Education brenda.livingood
John Peters Physical Education john.peters
Sarah Lidy Band sarah.lidy
Christopher Weisenborn Chorus christopher.weisenborn
Rebecca Nashland LD Resource rebecca.nashland
Kelsey Gosch LD Resource kelsey.gosch
Stacy Poland K-8 Social Worker stacy.poland